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Adhesives / Glues

Woodworking Adhesives

Jivanjor offers a range of ready to use wood adhesives, which are suitable for most wood joinery purposes. They are very popular and effective assembly adhesives in the woodworking industry. Our water based adhesives comprise of All Rounder, Polystic Hero, and Vambond Excel. They are white adhesive which conforms to D2 of EN204. These are ready to use adhesives which set rapidly at room temperature & offer superior bond strength to users. Jivanjor also offers contact adhesive Champion which is a synthetic rubber based adhesive for exceptional fast drying & vertical lamination. Jivanjor adhesives are available in attractive packaging & in various pack sizes.

The range of Jivanjor adhesives are listed below

Wood to Wood Joinery
Vambond Excel

Wood / Laminates Joinery


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