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Wood Finishes

Jivanjor offers complete wood finishes system, stains and ancillaries for decoration & protection of wooden furniture. The wood finishes system includes Polyurethane finish, Melamine Non Yellowing finish, Melamine finish, Nitrocellulose finish & PU Alkyd finish. These systems offer exceptional fast drying properties, tough coatings and superior resistance. Jivanjor also offers a wide range of stains that can be mixed to generate unique colours to suit every desire.Jivanjor offers ancillaries like sealers & thinners required for the purpose of successful application. The finishes systems are supported by our motivated technical team which provides intense technical training.

The range of Jivanjor adhesives are listed below

U Finish - Exterior/Interior
Melamine Finish - Matt/ Satin/ Glossy
Melamine Non - Yellowing Finish
Nitrocellulose Finish
Alkyd Finish - Woody
Ancillaries - Stains


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